Speaker Decks

We had our best turn out ever at November’s Content Marketing Show and we have been slammed with emails asking us for the slide decks from our wonderful speakers, so we thought we’d make it nice and easy for you and put them all up here! The couple that are missing will be added as soon as they’re uploaded to slideshare or their respective blogs/websites. Enjoy!


  • Hannah Smith: Throwing Shit Against The Wall and Analysing What Sticks
  • Lauren Pope: Why Content Needs Strategy
  • Jon Norris: A 1950s Approach to Content Stategy
  • Simon Banoub: Twitter Tips From Opta Joe
  • Tom Elgar: Success, Failure, and Making Content Work in the Long Run
  • Simon Kaplan: The GOV.UK Approach to Content-Available soon
  • Fergus Parker: Content Marketing Trend Watch: 2014 and Beyond
  • Kieran Flanagan: Inbound Marketing – The Art Of Not Sucking
  • Sam Orams: The Idiot’s Guide to Getting Content on the Telly
  • Kester Ford: Amplify Or Die!
  • Matt Roberts: The ZMOT Is Going To Get You
  • Gemma MacNaught: Simplifying Personas
  • Sarah Howard: Don’t Forget About Long Form Content
  • Jo Petty: The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring A Freelancer
  • Tony Samios: Offline Experiences that Lead to Digital Results
  • James Carson: End to End Content Strategy in 15 Minutes Flat