Applied Analytics: Using Data to Make Better Content Marketing Decisions

The majority of websites use Google Analytics. It’s ubiquitous. But are marketers using it properly? Not really. Many marketers are using it only for reporting, not analysis. A lot of marketers are using Analytics wrong.

In this lesson, we’ll look at specific ways to use Analytics to do real analysis, to answer questions and draw conclusions.

  • Reporting vs. Analysis: How most marketers get Analytics wrong
  • Turning ideas into questions
  • Analytics Insights:
  • Audience Insights: WHO is visiting?
  • Acquisition insights: WHERE are they coming from?
  • Behavior insights: WHAT are they doing here?
  • Conversion insights: WHICH pieces of content are successful?

The truth waiting to be discovered in your Analytics. You just need to know where it’s hiding. Lots of marketers use Analytics. But great marketers use it to answer questions, support decisions and test theories for possible actions.

Once you’ve completely this lesson, you’ll have a new mindset for approaching your data and new tools for making the decisions that make the difference in your marketing.

9:30 AM EST/1:30 PM GMT/2:30 PM BST

Location: Date: 12 October, 2015 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Andy Crestodina