CMO Pizza – How to Make Sense of Your Content Investments

Stop worrying about your slice of the pie. 

Start increasing the size of the pizza.

We live in an information overload world. A world full of commodity content: the raw material of the online world. Instead of chasing the social stream, trying to win the search game, or stressing about their market share, smart marketers are focused on increasing the size of the market. They are making the pizza pie larger.

In this, enthusiastic, hour-long session, author and former television producer Andrew Davis, will uncover the paradoxes in the chief marketing officer’s pizza. He’ll show you how brilliant brands are uncovering new opportunities to increase their revenue. You’ll learn how to leverage the most underutilized tool in the marketing world: Google Trends. By the end of this session, Andrew will reveal the simple secrets you can use to stop worrying about your market share and start driving revenue by increasing the size of the market.

Are you ready to order a bigger pizza?

8:15 AM EST/12:15 PM GMT/1:15 PM BST

Location: Date: 12 October, 2015 Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm Andrew Davis