Speaker Decks July 2014

Here are the presentation decks from July 2014’s Content Marketing Show. We’re still chasing down a few of the links for you, but that’s no reason you can’t enjoy the one’s we’ve rounded up in the mean time. Keep checking back and when we receive the rest we’ll be updating the page.
Stephen Waddington – Can A Brand Ever Truly Be Social?
Johary Rafidison – How to use data for your content strategy
Fergus Parker – Content Marketing Yearbook 2014: Highlights and low-lifes
Jasper Martens- Case study: create an inbound marketing strategy in a boring industry
Emma Dunn Why People Share Stuff
Andrew Tipp – Why Thinking like a Poker Player will Make You a Better Content Marketer (Coming Soon)
Steve Masters – How a Journalistic Approach and a Magazine Mindset Improves Brand Content
Andrew Davies – How do you measure Content Marketing? The $44bn question (Coming Soon)
Raph Goldberg – The Hero’s Journey: using archetypes in video marketing
Wes West – Making Animation for the Web
Nicola Stott – Getting Past the Buying Objection with Problem-Solving Content
Marcin Chirowski – How to organise successful international bloggers event
Chelsea Blacker – Motivational Content Stories For the Down Trodden
Charlie Williams – Gateway-drug content strategy elements you should use
Lisa Myers – Running and motivating a creative content team